Did you enjoy our April Fools joke yesterday? Did it upset you? Did it make you mad? We’re glad! We would NEVER encourage animals to endure any kind of pain..

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Tats for Cats (& Dogs)
Thursday March, 4 2021

Do you love your pets?  We sure love ours! Many of our Loose Screw Tattoo customers get portraits of their pets to honor the special place they hold in their lives. We think.

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Coronavirus Relief Benefit
Sunday May, 24 2020

Every year in April, the Giving Arts Foundation does an Earth Day Benefit to raise funds and awareness for environmental and ocean conservation efforts. This year however, our event was.

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Here at Loose Screw, each of us is a member of the community. That community starts here in Carytown, spreads throughout Richmond, and eventually extends to the global community. We’re.

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The mission of The Giving Arts Foundation is to unite the arts community to support urgent and meaningful causes locally and internationally.


The Giving Arts Foundation is made up of four highly motivated individuals with a passion for using their art to give back. Jesse Smith (President) and Kenny Brown (Vice President) have always had a passion for giving back so it only made sense to create a non-profit. They recruited Frank Engler (Treasurer) and Amanda Stephan (Secretary) to join them on this adventure. Frank is a local graphic designer and Amanda is a local writer both with the desire to help make the world a better place.


The vision for the nonprofit is to connect and empower artists in localities around the country to positively impact the community at large. The Giving Arts Foundation will use art to raise awareness and funds for causes that are urgent and meaningful to its members. Artists from varying disciplines will unite for special events and campaigns to generate social and financial support to make an impact. With compassion and perseverance, The Giving Arts Foundation will ignite the skills of artists motivated to make a difference. Together, we’ll create a safer, healthier, and more beautiful community for us all.


The members and community of this new nonprofit have been working together for many years to raise funds and awareness for important and often urgent causes. That includes flash tattoo events for Earth Day, Lyme Disease, sexual assault, and more. In addition, each year, the Live Art for Charity event during the annual Richmond Tattoo, Art and Music Festival brings international artists together to create and auction off their impressive creations. We are proud to have raised thousands to support our community near and far every year and look forward to many more under this unified identity.